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Monday, March 14, 2011

Unpredictable Awesome Day!

14 March 2011, its around 1300PM, I ate my lunch with my ex-roommate & 2 juniors. My heart had touched by my junior, Athiroh @ Miss Moots. Haha. Hey! Don't think negatively! I don't mean by she makes me fall in love with hemr OKAY. The truth is, while we're eat our lunch, I find out that she don't how to eat "Siput Sedut" [well, I'm totally don't know what its been called in English]. I'm just laughing to her but at the same time, I've taught her how to eat those "siput sedut". HAHA. At last she knew! Great.

Well, that is not the story that I'm gonna tell you all. The truth is, after having our lunch, UNPREDICTABLE thing are, Sarah have rent a car. We planning to go to Jitra Mall Cinema to watch a movie, new movie, which titled "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa".

Well, UNPREDICTABLE & UNLUCKY we are, once 4 of us arrived at Jitra Mall Cinema, the seat left is ONLY the front seat! OMG! But well, because of we have to took a long journey to be there at Jitra, we've decided to take the front seat! OMG! My neck is painful!!! HAHA. But, its OKAY because the movie satisfied me enough. :)

Then, UNPREDICTABLE, My mouth said, "I'm hungry! So, where will we are going to have our meal? Kuala Perlis?" Then, they just said, "Lets GO!"..... OMG! Haha! Feels like, everything I say will come true today because of I have 3 beautiful fairies! HAHA. Cool........ ;) So, UNPREDICTABLE, again.......... We was at Kuala Perlis! HAHA! Great! Like a dream! Well, there we have ordered SOME meals! hehe.... ;p I'm totally damn hungry! My little heart keep saying, "please hurry up! Feed me up now!" [Impatient for a while]. While we waiting for our dinner's meal done, we had snap some shots! Sunset & also potrait, our potrait! HEHE. :) So, here's some shot taken! :)

Well, after waiting for few minutes, our meal cooked! :) Got fried cuttlefish, fried spinach 'belacan', shells[kerang]! OMG~ Its makes me making mouth watering! HAHA. I can't wait anymore! Time to eat! ;) Delicious! Yummy!

So, after eat we went to a place like a tower there, to watching the beautiful night & night sky! And didn't forgot, snap some pictures! HAHA. :) Great. What an UNPREDICTABLE day! :')
I'm so so so so happy to spend my time with them! They are so damn cool! :) I wish, we can hang around together again next time! huhuhu.... :') Thanks to 3 of you! Love you all! Muaacchhh! That's all for now. See you again. Good Bye! peeps! :)

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